We offer a complete range of imaging services.

No more long drives to Savannah or Augusta needed. East Georgia Radiology offers the latest, most advanced technology to benefit patients by offering you quality images to assist your clinician in your diagnosis and treatment plan.

We’ve got the advantage in early detection.

When it comes to early cancer detection, you want the highest definition images available. Fast detection starts with the crystal clarity and advanced technology.

Digital Mammography

Digital mammography is a highly sensitive x-ray of the breast using very low levels of radiation to diagnose breast abnormalities and cancer at its earliest stages, before it can be felt or cause symptoms.

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East Georgia Radiology is the exclusive provider of imaging and interventional radiology services at East Georgia Regional Medical Center, Statesboro Imaging Center, and Jefferson Hospital. The group utilizes the best equipment in the Southeast, such as the 64 slice CT scanner and new, MRI and ultrasound machines. We offer state of the art imaging and radiologic expertise to Bulloch, Jefferson and surrounding areas.

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Patient Center

We work hard to make your experience with East Georgia Radiology as quick and pleasant as possible. Before coming in for your appointment, please review the guidelines and preparations to help ensure optimal speed. Our staff makes every effort to pre-register patients for any outpatient procedures to expedite your wait time.

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Center for Vascular Health

At East Georgia Regional Medical Center, we offer patients a full spectrum of quality vascular and non-vascular care. Physicians look to our staff to provide their vascular patients with a full range of care treatment options. Our services cover every step of the process, from initial patient evaluation and scheduling to admission and performance of invasive procedures.

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